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Our Story

Sylvania- [sil-vey-nee-uh, -veyn-yuh]
means "forest land" in Latin.

Hawley and the lake region area was a second home to us for nearly twenty years.


Our decision to move here with our 4 sons felt as natural as our surroundings. The change in energy from the vitality of NYC life to the tranquility of nature and its design, enriched us as a family. The one constant from city to country has always been the rhythm and regularity of shared time with family, friends and neighbors.


We are both 3rd generation born into passion and purpose for hospitality and service.


Inspired by our grandparents and parents to bring into balance the true joys of life, to share and appreciate nature's bounty, our connection to it and expression of it.


​Sylvania Social is a space where we find light in the forest, gather together, eat, drink, work, love, laugh, cry, create, conspire, inspire. We are one and many in this magical human experience.


We wish to host a local experience, support and collaborate with existing and aspiring businesses so we may all grow and thrive together and enrich the culture of Hawley.


​We are looking forward to engaging special events, catering to all ages and interests, and featuring all genres of local artists and creators.


​Our fare is simple, honest, farm fresh and locally sourced.


​We hope you will enter Sylvania Social for physical and spiritual well-being, great vibes, music, food and friends.


​Let's eat, drink, and be social!!

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